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Some assumptions here tell me the writer has likely never owned a Wrangler, at least a current one.  The writer's statement that it gets poor fuel economy is not in perspective.  I routinely get 18/23 with almost 300 hp. I've had lighter, less useful vehicles get worse.  It only requires regular gasoline unlike some smaller SUVs. The current Pentastar with the Mercedes-derived 5 speed is a good combo.  As far as ride, it's not as smooth as my wife's Mercedes, but it is just as smooth as my two Explorers were.  To imply a 4 wheel drive vehicle should drive like a sedan does not compute, at least to Wrangler owners, and I suspect the designers of the Wrangler.  On the Jeep forums, we've heard rumors that the new Wrangler will be watered down especially for pedestrians.  Whether the grille/windshield are raked back or the windshield not folding down, or the roof not being removable is valid, I could accept not having a solid axle.  Hummer has done quite well with off-road capability without one.  The only issue I've had with mine in three years of ownership is the battery gave out in our desert heat, and Chrysler replaced it under warranty.  It is not only Truck Trend that makes assumptions about the Wrangler.  Consumer Reports rated it dead last too.  Shows that you should probably have to be a Wrangler owner to understand what the vehicle does and is supposed to be

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