British auto news outlet Autocar reports that the final design for the upcoming Bentley SUV has been given the final sign-off, and to the relief of many, looks nothing like the awkward EXP 9 F concept shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Over the last several months, Bentley has been teasing various aspects of the new vehicle’s design, with a sand-shrouded teaser of its front-end design and a cryptic YouTube video showing lighting playing off its various angles and surfaces.

The EXP 9 F concept had a strong orientation toward traditional luxury, with upright lines and a front-end design that was not particularly well-received by the media or potential buyers. Bentley design chief Luc Donkerwolke said he was asked to start with a clean sheet after the 2012 Geneva show and said, “It’s completely different [from] the concept car.”

Subsequent information that has come out about the upcoming model suggests that it will have a strong performance orientation, with some reports suggesting it could be the first SUV to be able to reach a 200-mph top speed. Not yet known is the final name of the SUV, but unlike the concept, it’s expected to carry a proper name rather than an alphanumeric designation.

Source: Autocar