Unlike the stereotype of drag racing, there was minimal tire smoke at the 1/8-mile trailer towing challenge at this year’s Diesel Power Challenge. That’s because Bandimere Speedway’s dragstrip has a thick coating of extra-sticky rubber made even stickier by the addition of traction compound, designed to get cars to lauch hard. Even without the additional stress of a trailer, it’s a combination that can turn driveline components into shrapnel. Add four-figure torque and a five-figure trailer, and you have the potential for some serious heavy-metal carnage on the track.

Thankfully, level heads prevailed among the drivers, who eased into the power on the short track with the skid loader in tow to emerge unscathed to compete in the competitions ahead. The power of the engines and the weight of the trailers compounded to give dyno run winner Lavon Miller a white-knuckle ride in his 2004 Dodge Ram 2500, with the truck and trailer getting a little squirrely mid-way through the run, but he was able to post a fourth-place run overall in the competition. Who took first? Watch the video below to find out.