There are few vehicle classes that evoke as much passion as trucks. Whether their relied on as daily workhorses, expressions of the owners’ personality, or collectible classics, the surefire way to start an argument is to make a “Ford vs. (fill in the blank)” statement. That’s just what Davin and Matt from Hagerty do on this episode of Generation Gap. Davin is all about old-school classics. And by old, we mean over 80 years old, as in a 1933 Ford Pickup. Matt’s choice is a little more contemporary, but still a classic at more than 35 years old. It’s a 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express.

Davin makes the case for the Ford being an originator of the genre, pre-dating even the F-1 in 1948, and having one of the earliest mass-production V-8s with Ford’s famed Flathead. The 221ci Flathead produced a respectable-for-the-time 75 hp. The Dodge’s 360ci V-8 produced exactly triple the power at 225 hp. While that output may seem modest by today’s standards, the truck was a hot rod in the late ’70s, offering performance comparable to the Corvettes, Camaros, and Mustangs of the day. To further display its performance credentials, the Lil’ Red Express also came with big-rig-style dual exhaust stacks, alloy wheels, and door graphics.

There’s no question both trucks are classics, but which is the most desirable? You can cast your vote here.