While it is likely that you're not threatened by the risk of armed violence (think AK-47) while taking the kids to school or even adventuring in the back country—and for that you're probably thankful—the truth is that this danger does exist in certain areas. In response, BMW has introduced the new X5 Security Plus. As the name implies, this X5 offers a high level of security—level VR6 (of up to VR10) as tested per BRV 2009 guidelines—while comfortably transporting passengers. Such a certification is achieved by testing the finished vehicle as a whole by firing at its exterior hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Where can we sign up for that job, right?

The biggest asset of the BMW X5 Security Plus is its armor. Since shattering glass leaves you vulnerable and is dangerous, the Security Plus offers a security glass laminate with a polycarbonate coating on the inside to prevent the glass from breaking into chips or fragments. Molded panels precisely follow the contours of the standard model, ensuring that all the airbags can still be incorporated correctly and that the armored X5 still looks like a normal X5. What about the vulnerable areas (door edges, meeting points of frames and windows, and body panel gaps), where a perfectly placed bullet could so easily evade protected panels? The Security Plus has it covered via reinforced steel armor. The extra weight of the armor is compensated for with modified electronic driver aids and suspension settings.

Rest assured that on those rough days, you could leave the M1 Abrams at home and travel safely and comfortably in a 2015 BMW X5 Security Plus—something a bit more inconspicuous.

Source: BMW