There are only a few things more synonymous with Southern California than the beach and, naturally, the recreational activities that go with it. Aside from the most obvious one (surfing), the next most widely recognized coastal activity is building sand sculptures. However, we’re not just talking about turning plastic buckets upside down or burying mom and dad in the sand; we’re talking about the Sand Sculpting Championships in San Diego, where experienced professionals creating shockingly realistic and detailed replicas of places or things. So what better way to showcase the action-lifestyle-oriented 2015 Chevrolet Colorado midsize truck than to make one out of sand?

That’s just what Chevrolet did by commissioning a professional sculpture of its newest truck. To add to the realism, an actual front grille, headlights, rear tailgate badge, taillights and wheels and tires were added to the sculpture, making it look like you could almost open the door and drive it off. Chevrolet shared some of the creative process in making the new truck in a one-minute time-lapse video. It starts with rectangular wood-frame molds holding the sand, with the framing removed as the sculptors work their way from the top down. Check out the creation of the sandy Colorado in the video below.

Source: Chevrolet