If you're going to the 2014 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza August 22-24 in Terre Haute, Indiana, there are new directions for getting in due to the construction on US-41, according to News 10 WTHI-TV. The station spoke with Dan Scheid, who said competitors are being given maps because folks "normally come in on semis, tractor trailer rigs, or pickup trucks and trailers that can back up traffic pretty quick." The maps being given out show alternative ways to get into the fairgrounds, so if you don't have one, make sure to get a copy. According to WTHI-TV, regardless of whether competitors are coming from the north or south on US-41, they will be directed to the back gate of the fairgrounds.

The station also noted there will be a large presence by law enforcement to help deal with the traffic created by 15,000 additional people coming into the town that normally has a population of just 61,000. Chief Deputy Clark Cottom of the Terra Haute Police Department said, "For Scheid Diesel, we've cancelled all days off, and we'll be putting extra patrol and extra units out down there. We'll have reserve deputies out as well. The Indiana State Police always bring in a large number to keep people safe. I know the Terre Haute city police and area law enforcement will be enhancing law enforcement during that four-day stretch." Dan Scheid says not to worry, though, because, "the main thing is to be prepared possibly to wait in line a while and be patient with us, and we'll get you into the fairgrounds as soon as we can."

Source: WTHITV.com