It's no secret that Jeep has been one of the star brands in Chrysler's portfolio, and in the few months that it's been out, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has proven popular with buyers. The iconic Jeep Wrangler also continues to be a strong seller for the brand as well. Both models are built at Jeep's historic Toledo, Ohio, plant. To keep up with the demand, some workers have been working 60-hour weeks, including Saturdays. To help relieve the burden on workers, Chrysler plans on hiring 1000 part-time workers for the plant. The plant has already closed the application process and has brought on 380 new workers this year already. Of those hires, 50 of them have been hired on full-time.

The part-time workers will work between 10 and 30 hours a week. Starting pay is $15.78 per week, with some benefits, including health insurance. The additional workers will help the Toledo complex run the Wrangler assembly line every Saturday. The longer-term goal is for Toledo to have a daily output of 2000 vehicles. The plant is expected to reach its full capacity by the third quarter of 2014. As much as 15 percent of the Cherokee output from Toledo is destined for international markets, and focus is on fine-tuning the export-bound models' compliance with market-specific standards such as VIN plates, radio displays, and dashboard clusters.

Source: Toledo Blade