Major product and model announcements from automakers are typically issued in the form of a press release, but in Land Rover's case, the British SUV brand decided to be a little more artsy with its presentation. This one-minute video on YouTube essentially confirms rumors that the Discovery name would branch out from being a single model to a family of SUVs within the Land Rover brand.

The Land Rover Discovery sub-brand will be one of three within Land Rover, the others being a revived Defender brand of basic, rugged models for those seeking the ultimate in pure off-road capability and, naturally, Range Rover, representing the flagship, premium models of the Land Rover brand.

The first model expected in the Land Rover Discovery family is a replacement for the Land Rover Freelander, sold in the U.S. as the LR2. We've gotten spy shots of this new model, and it incorporates much of the design language of the Range Rover Evoque, but in a more practical, utilitarian package. A replacement for the larger LR4 is expected soon as well, likely incorporating much more extensive use of aluminum for a radical weight reduction along with improved fuel economy. Jaguar Land Rover recently announced its intent to co-locate a plant in the Ras Al Khair area of Saudi Arabia, home to an industrial complex that will include one of the world's largest aluminum plants.