The safe, established full-size truck sales pecking order has been Ford, Chevy, Dodge (or, more recently, Ram) for the better part of the past three decades. But if trends continue, that established convention may be in for an upset. The Wall Street Journal took a look at the full-size truck market and analyzed the sales trends among the Detroit Three to see if Ram's success was just a short-term flash-in-the-pan or a sustained trend that could see Chrysler's truck brand surpassing Chevrolet.

However, General Motors is unique among its peers in that it has two brands selling trucks. Although Ram is gaining on Chevrolet as a brand, when GMC is factored into the equation, the chasm becomes a little wider. Ram sold 355,673 trucks in 2013, compared with the Silverado's 480,414. If you add the Sierra's 184,389 sales to the mix, GM's total full-size truck sales for 2013 came to 664,803. Ford sold 763,402 F-Series trucks in 2013.

Ram may have some ground to make up to be the second-place full-size truck brand, but the trends don't lie. Although 2013 sales gains were up for both Chevrolet and Ram at 14.8 and 21 percent respectively, over a 5-year period, Ram's percentage gains were nearly double that of GM, 101 percent to 56 percent. It may be five more years until Ram steals the silver from Silverado, but Ram is definitely no longer the distant also-ran of the Detroit Three.

Source: Wall Street Journal (subscription required)