For a while, it seemed like Jaguar would be the lone holdout among luxury brands (other than Ferrari) that didn't have an SUV in its lineup. The conventional wisdom was that Land Rover had that covered, since Jaguar and Land Rover share dealer locations in most parts of the U.S. But Jaguar executives could probably only take so many board meetings looking over the explosive growth of SUVs globally, especially with premium brands. So Jaguar pulled the sheets off its vision for a Jaguar SUV at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show with the C-X17 concept, and showed it again a few months later at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

So the overall shape and theme of the vehicle will likely not be a huge surprise. But specific details are to be determined, so to keep both its rivals and potential buyers guessing as to the final form of the brand's first SUV, Jaguar has covered it up with body paneling, making it look like its truckish cousin Land Rover.

The new midsize crossover is expected to share its essential platform and hardware with the upcoming Jaguar XE compact sport sedan, envisioned to be a BMW 3 Series rival. Preliminary specifications released for the crossover give it a slightly longer wheelbase and overall length than a BMW X3, which will likely be one of its primary competitors. Engines are expected to be one of Jaguar's new "Hotfire" I-4 engines, as well as a version of the supercharged 3.0L V-6, both likely mated to a mandatory eight-speed automatic. The XE sedan is expected first, sometime in 2016, with the crossover to follow about a year later.