A casual comment by Jimmy Fallon regarding his intent to buy a truck soon turned into a full-fledged social media fracas with each of the Detroit Three and Nissan and Toyota trying to pitch their wares to the Tonight Show host. Ram made a valiant effort to try to woo the comedian by delivering a truck curbside to the studio, but Ford ultimately prevailed in convincing Fallon to get a 2015 F-150 King Ranch. We have a feeling there were some closed-door meetings between studio execs and Ford representatives to make the deal official, but it has culminated in the "Fingers on a 4x4" contest to determine which Ford salesperson would win the sale for Fallon's truck.

The contest kicked off last night on The Tonight Show, and after an inane dialogue between Fallon and his sidekick Steve Higgins about "Monsta Cables," the contestants in the contest were announced. The 10 contestants were Ford salespeople from across the country, including three women. The contest truck was raised by crane onto the USS Intrepid, and the contestant that keeps his or her hands on the truck the longest will win Fallon's truck sale. You can watch the livestream of the contest here.