For reasons of fashion or regulatory compliance, there are suddenly dozens of luxury hybrid models, whether plug-in, diesel, gas, sedan or SUV. You can now add one more addition to the total with the introduction of the Range Rover LWB Diesel Hybrid at the Beijing Auto Show. Land Rover claims it will be the first diesel hybrid offered in China.

Land Rover is claiming an impressive 26 percent improvement in CO2 emissions over the conventional Range Rover diesel. An eye-popping figure of 44.1 mpg is quoted in the release, but keep in mind these are "imperial" gallons. Converted to U.S. gallons, it's still an impressive 36.6 mpg, but the European fuel economy testing protocol is different from the U.S. The whole discussion is likely academic because the status of the 3.0L turbodiesel under the hood is unknown for the U.S. market.

However, we could see the hybrid technology used in this model applied to the 3.0L supercharged gas V6 offered in the U.S. The electric motor itself adds 47 hp and 170 lb-ft to total system output. The total output of the Diesel Hybrid powertrain is 340 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, which is slightly more horsepower and the same amount of torque as the 4.4L V8 diesel offered in the Range Rover.

The hybrid system only adds 265 pounds and allows the vehicle to drive up to 30 mph on electric power only for a distance of one mile before needing to use internal-combustion power.

Source: Land Rover