Dear Truck Trend,

OK, go ahead and write about the international pickup market, but be warned. Those small pickups like the Volkswagen Amarok or the Ford Ranger are comparable to the Nissan Frontier when you talk about the chassis, but they have tiny little diesel engines that hardly see the 100,000-mile mark when you tow regularly, because they just blow up on a regular basis. Living in Europe, I drive a Ram 1500 Hemi without thinking about fuel prices (actually, fuel is at about $6/gallon) for a good reason. Trust me. You don't want those tiny, loud, and weak trucks in the States.

Stefan Wagner
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Dear Reader,

We know manufacturers can't simply bring those trucks to America without making some changes. Our understanding is that what we consider midsize trucks here are big trucks elsewhere in the world, so they are built to be workhorses. This means power, ride quality, and noise levels are lower priorities. However, it is a surprise that those diesel engines aren't built for towing. We suppose it depends on how much they are asked to tow. We're glad you made the investment in a Ram to do the towing you need. That must've cost a pretty penny. What's nice is that in North America, it's a lot easier for us to get 1/2-, 3/4-, or 1-ton trucks to do harder work. Smaller trucks aren't expected to do as much, and they aren't seen as essentially the only option for towing and hauling, so there would be less stress on the engine. Having said all that, we still want to get versions of those trucks here, redone for the North American market.

-Truck Trend

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