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Your short article in Max Payload, "New GM Full-Size SUVs Could Get Hybrid, Diesel Options" mentioned that "the hybrid versions of the last-generation SUVs never were big sellers" and "the difference in highway fuel economy was minimal." I was not impressed with the fuel economy difference between gas and hybrid. I never understood why GM used the 6.0-liter V-8 in the hybrid configuration when the 5.3-liter V-8 is much more economical. I would not expect the hybrid buyer to need a heavy tow vehicle. I've had my 2003 Suburban (with the 5.3-liter) for 11 years now and am watching the new Suburban closely. I hope to be able to get a diesel or hybrid if the mpg numbers make it worthwhile.

John Harris
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We asked GM engineers about the possibility of hybrid versions of the Silverado and Sierra and didn't get a definitive answer either way, but we aren't expecting to see them for this generation of trucks and SUVs. GM is rumored to be working on new technology that ranges from new transmissions (10-speed automatics!) to diesels (something between the 2.8-liter for the upcoming Colorado/Canyon and the 6.6-liter in the Silverado/Sierra HD), and, from what we hear, any of that is more likely than a hybrid option.

Truck Trend

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