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I own a Titan purchased 9/2004 from Nissan Dealer in Henderson NV 89074. Truck now has 159,000 miles. It was fully loaded when new and I am happy with it. I've maintained it every 3,000 miles and often get remarks that 'it looks like new. It is my mobile office. I've looked at other trucks but am waiting for the new Titan to arrive. Some suggestions:

1.  It needs a much stronger AC system as the existing one just doesn't cope with Las Vegas summer conditions

2.  Transmission - 7 or 8 speed

3.  Retain 285-70-17 tires

4.  Storage boxes like Ram

5.  Electric connections fi rear bumper

6.  Better gas mileage (14x27x24)

7.  Diesel engine sounds great, keep it quiet

8.  Additional sound deadening

9.  Electric rear window like Tundra

10. Heated and cooled front seats

11. Front passenger seat needs to tilt upwards

12. Headrests need a forward tilting facility

13. Retain mud flaps

14. Strengthen interior wheel well covers

15. Body is still attractive, just change the front

16. Retain high clearance for 4x4 wheel drive

17. a much more powerful rear AC system

18. Hidden interior storage like Ram

19. Keep balance at 55X45.

I'm on my third set of brakes I've needed very few repairs. I love the 2000 rpm @ 70 mph. Other than a few new items don't think much else needs changing. Thanks for building a great truck.

James (Jim) Murray

Truck Trend