There are some stories you read and have to say, "only in America." This is one of them. Sam "Joe" Wurzelbacher, better known by his nickname "Joe the Plumber" who rose to his 15 minutes of fame during president Barack Obama's first presidential campaign in 2008 by challenging the then-candidate's assertion that we should "spread the wealth around," has now reportedly taken a job represented by the United Auto Workers with Chrysler Group LLC in Ohio, his home state.

The 40-year-old ran for Congress in 2011 against a Democratic challenger, and still maintains a conservative activist website and Facebook page. Hoping to nip any accusations of hypocrisy in the bud, Wurzelbacher addressed the issue on a blog post on his site, entitled "Is a Teabagger Welcome in a Union Shop?" In the post, he freely admits that he's a conservative activist, and a part-owner of a firearms company. He says he has had the fortune of "being hired by a great company – Chrysler Corporation – one of the original Big Three." He deftly avoids any mention of Chrysler's bailout or the fact that Chrysler is now owned by an Italian multinational corporation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Wurzelbacher goes on to say that the majority of his new co-workers have been friendly and welcoming to him. Only a small handful have expressed any sort of resentment or animosity toward him, calling him a "Teabagger," a derogatory term used by some liberal activists to describe conservative Tea Party members.

Source:, Toledo Blade