The 2015 Audi Q3 is the latest entry into what's becoming an increasingly crowded entry-premium crossover market. Although it has been offered in Europe since 2012, it will be new to the North American market for '15. However, one option that debuted at this year's Wörthersee festival that may not make the trans-Atlantic trek is a rear tailgate tent option. Although such an option makes some sense on an adventure-oriented vehicle, it has the unfortunate association stateside with the much-maligned Pontiac Aztek.

Audi is claiming that the "camping tent" can be set up in just seven minutes and can withstand wind gusts as strong as 43 mph. It can be configured as a stand-alone tent or attached to the rear of the vehicle. If you're more of the action-sports type, a kayak rack is also optional. The Q3 model shown at Wörthersee was also touted as having a high-output 177-hp TDI option, an engine we're not likely to initially see in the U.S.-bound Q3.

Is it unfair to saddle this accessory with the baggage of the Pontiac's ill-fated early attempt at a crossover? After all, Mopar offers a similar tailgate tent for Jeep models, and accessory tents are offered by a number of aftermarket outfitters for SUVs. Should Audi bring this accessory to the U.S.?

Source: Audi