The market for fullsize trucks is as cutthroat as ever, and the pace of competition doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon, if a report from The Detroit News is to be believed. Just one model year after the release of the new 2014 K2XX ½-ton pickups, the trucks are already reportedly receiving powertrain updates aimed at improving fuel economy.

The updates have probably been in the plans from the early research and development stages of the trucks but were likely fast-tracked to counter more aggressive competition from Ford and Chrysler. General Motors was upstaged at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show—where it debuted its 2014 trucks—by the surprise showing of the Ford Atlas Concept, a stylized version of the production 2015 F-150, which officially debuted at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. GM is also playing defense against a surprisingly strong performance from Ram, which out-sold the Chevrolet Silverado in March.

Changes coming for the ’15 model will reportedly include new transmissions, most likely eight-speed, aimed at improving overall fuel economy. The GM trucks are already several hundred pounds lighter than equivalent Ram 1500 models, and lighter than the ’14 Ford F-150. Ford is promising a weight loss of as much as 700 pounds on the ’15 F-150, although the new aluminum-bodied model is reportedly launching with six-speed automatic transmissions across the line.

Source: The Detroit News