If you follow our monthly sales reports on trucks and SUVs, you'll notice the fullsize models rarely, if ever, make the top 10 list. The vast majority of SUV sales are now compact and midsize crossovers and SUVs. But just because they don't sell in the quantities they used to, doesn't mean that the fullsize SUV market is dead. According to General Motors, it’s far from it.

The company has noted retail sales for the Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL are up significantly year-over-year. The Tahoe and Suburban were up 108.4 and 109.8 percent, respectively, and the Yukon and Yukon XL were collectively up 141 percent for April.

A spike in demand for an all-new model is not unusual, and it still remains to be seen if the K2XX SUVs have the staying power to remain sales hits for the rest of the year. But as noted, the efficiency gap between the larger models and smaller ones has narrowed significantly, with only a 1-2 mpg difference over a V-6-powered Equinox or Terrain model. However, prices on the new models are far from cheap, with the Tahoe starting at more than $45,000, and fully-equipped Suburbans and Yukon Denalis stickering for more than $70,000. The stiff price tags don't seem to have deterred buyers, with 50 percent of April Tahoe sales and 65 percent of Suburban sales being the high-trim LTZ model.

Source: General Motors