When rumors of the EcoBoost (or in its earliest iterations, the "TwinPower") V-6 for the F-150 surfaced, we were intrigued but had our doubts about how well the fullsize truck market would accept a turbocharged six-cylinder positioned and marketed as a V-8 replacement. Now, nearly four years after its debut, the market has spoken and has shown it's absolutely willing to accept a V-6 as a fullsize truck engine, with Ford selling its 500,000th F-150 EcoBoost. It just happened that all the six-cylinder engines offered in fullsize trucks up to that point basically sucked.

The new V-6s from General Motors and Chrysler are major improvements over their predecessors, but there's no question that Ford still dominates in V-6 marketshare and growth among fullsize trucks. Since 2010, Ford has accounted for a lion's share 91 percent of growth in V-6 truck sales. For retail sales of the Ford F-150, V-6 models already account for a majority of sales when the base V-6 and EcoBoost sales are combined. Sales of V-6 F-150s are expected to be an even bigger percentage with the 2015 model with three V-6 engines offered.

Ford's aggressive promotion of V-6s as V-8 replacement continues with the introduction of the 2015 Ford Transit, with V-6 engines replacing both V-8 and V-10 engines, along with an optional five-cylinder turbodiesel.

Source: Ford