You might remember our coverage about a year ago of the Kickstarter effort by London-based Oovee Studios. They were in the process of creating Spintires, a visually rich off-road game based in '80s Soviet Russia, featuring a number of Eastern-bloc machines, which players use to complete a series of skills-based tests including loading logs, getting through impossibly muddy trails, and discovering secret crates.

A year later, after receiving enough support from its Kickstarter campaign, Spintires is just two weeks away from its official release on June 13. The download for Windows goes for the equivalent of $33.50, which seems like a reasonable sum for what looks like fantastic graphic detail, including deformable terrain, puffs of diesel exhaust smoke, and mud splatter.

Because it's the virtual world and not the real world, you can also select modern-day rigs like a late-model Ford Super Duty, Ram 3500, Mercedes G-Wagen, and custom off-road trucks, vehicles you definitely would not see in '80s Soviet Russia. On the company's YouTube channel, you can see behind-the-scenes footage of the game's development, including audio recordings of the trucks in action for an authentic sound experience.

For the time being, the game is for Windows-based PCs only, but Mac and mobile versions could follow. Based on information on the company's Web site, Spintires is Oovee's only game, but hopefully will not be its last. You can check out the Beta gameplay of Spintires from TC9700 Gaming's YouTube channel.

Source: Oovee Studios, TC9700 Gaming