In the ongoing story of the Land Rover Discovery model lineup, Britain's Auto Express is reporting the "family" of Discovery models could grow to include more than the three vehicles initially announced for the sub-brand. Land Rover Design Studio Director Richard Woolley said the Discovery brand will "evolve into a family of vehicles over time, and not necessarily be a three-car family."

When asked if that family could include a model dimensionally smaller than the compact Evoque, Woolley said such a model is under consideration, as rival brands bring smaller models to market, such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. Although not positioned as upscale as Land Rover, the recently unveiled Jeep Renegade is a newcomer to the B-segment SUV class with global sales aspirations.

But Woolley said the company is being deliberate in its product planning decisions, and making sure it's not just chasing a temporary fad, saying the brand's vehicles "have to mean something" and "be relevant." Woolley noted the virtual "transparent hood" feature shown on the Discovery Vision Concept as a high-tech but practical feature that fits with the Land Rover brand's core identity.

Regardless of how big the Discovery sub-brand grows, it's apparent Land Rover is planning on it being the volume leader for the group.

Source: Auto Express