You may recognize the name Mike Ryan. An accomplished stunt driver in his own right, Ryan has lately gained notoriety over the last several years for racing a Banks Power-modified Freightliner Class 8 big rig up Pikes Peak, as well as producing a series of web videos making the 5-plus ton truck perform like a sports car. If you thought his antics with the Freightliner were impressive, get ready to behold him at the helm of the infinitely larger and heavier mining truck.

Although the video doesn't quite have the same level of tire-smoking and sideways action as Ryan's Freightliner videos, it still shows the 200-ton mining truck getting within a few feet of a BMW M1, an AC Cobra, what appears to be a C3 Corvette, and a fish tank and computer on a desk. It appears the surface was lubricated with slippery mud to facilitate the heavy-duty drifting. Unfortunately, the ambient sound of the mega-metal drift has been replaced with an annoying bass-heavy techno soundtrack.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel for EMC Corp, a computer server manufacturer. The tagline "Scale and Agility" somehow makes it all make sense. Watch the video below.