If a picture's worth a thousand words, then you'd need 10,000 words to explain what's not in some of these. Whether it's amateur porn actresses or bullet-riddled tires, let the soap opera that is Truck Trend draw back the curtain to expose itself--wait, let me put that another way--let's peek behind the scenes at Truck Trend magazine.

After a long day on the sand dunes at a Landrunner event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we were accosted by a homely streetwalker at about one in the morning. I sidestepped her, but she managed to get her hands into my host's pants pocket. I hadn't walked far before I heard him cry, "Thomas, she's got my wallet!" I turned to find that he had the hooker in a headlock with his wallet flailing in her hand. My growing amusement prompted him to deal with the situation on his own.

When John Kiewicz's two-part story about the H2 hit Motor Trend and Truck Trend, there were allegations that this photo was doctored (one reader declared it "photochopped"). It wasn't. The photographer's assistant misunderstood his instructions and catapulted the H2 over that dune. The landing was less than graceful but the H2 completed the second leg of the trip from Alaska to Florida.