Sometimes, the most interesting part of the story is what we didn't get to tell in the magazine. Take a look at these behind-the-scenes activities chosen from the last 10 years of Truck Trend and see the rest of what happened.

Hey, Y'all. Watch This!
While ace photographer John Kiewicz was snapping action shots for the 2004 Sport/Utility of the Year competition, test driver Chris Walton, better known for his abilities on asphalt, gets a little too much air during a photo shoot with the Nissan Armada. Some say it was Truck Trend editor Mark Williams who gave him the "appropriate" speed for the launch. Williams could not be reached for comment. Chris acknowledges that while airborne he knew the landing was going to be rough. It was. The front end came down hard, buckling the radiator and forcing the front clip into the doors. Unfortunately, video is not available.

"Hey, you, Mota Tren Guys!"
In the midst of chronicling a drive of the Hummer H2 from the northernmost tip of Alaska to southernmost tip of Florida, intrepid photojournalists John Kiewicz and Brian Vance shared an interlude with Arnold at the Hummer proving grounds. John tried to block out a scene for Arny and the accompanying Motor Trend video crew. "Nah, don't tell me vhat to dooo," the future governor protested. After a couple of flubbed attempts, Kiewicz threw up his hands, and Arnold seized more than just the moment and embraced them--his way. "I didn't know what was going on," Vance confided. It's obvious how true that is if you watch their faces in the video, available at

OOPS, I'm A Lady Now
At the 2001 Monster (Truck) Mash in Las Vegas, Nevada, after accidently erasing a half-hour taped interview with Dennis "Gravedigger" Anderson, Thomas Voehringer hoped for better luck with the gentler gender. While interviewing lady-wrestler-turned-racer Madusa, Voehringer may have mentioned that pro wrestling was a bunch of crap and that he was trained by legitimate martial artists. After a fake roundhouse kick to wipe that goofy look off his face, Madusa placed a surgical strike right to his...ego. Touche.

American Oil Supplies Depleted
Allyson Harwood was the unfortunate recipient of the sudden loss of oil pressure during the 2004 Sport/Utility of the Year. The vehicle, a GMC Envoy XUV, offered a unique, electronic retractable rear roof, but also little front ground clearance. During a rutted dirt road run, a wayward rock sheared off the drain plug and dumped all the vital fluids in the sand. We got the SUV back to the hotel by towing it behind a Dodge Durango with a 25-foot tow strap, but not until we took it to our sweet-light photo location for the group beauty shot.

What's this have to do with...
Well nothing. It's just a cool shot taken by art director Thomas Voehringer outside the Truck Trend offices for the owner of the crumpled BMW after it was pegged by an uninsured, stop-sign running Los Angeleno.