Bodden is a car connoisseur. "I love Porsches; whenever you drive a Porsche, you know it's a Porsche -- they're very tight, very mechanical," Bodden says. "I think a Ferrari is sexy. I drove an Acura NSX -- phenomenal car, performance is great, but it's a Honda, and it feels like you're driving the world's fastest Accord. It's too refined -- like you're driving a supercar, but it just doesn't have a personality to it, whereas the Ferrari did."

The car that surprised Bodden most was the DeLorean. "It was just ridiculously under-powered," he says. "If the DeLorean had a V-8 in it, it would have been a phenomenal car. I was definitely surprised at how comfortable and modern it felt."

Daily Drivers
Bodden's sign is Gemini and he has a split personality when it comes to his daily drivers -- a 2003 Mini Cooper S, which he rates a 9 on a scale of 10 and a 2006 Hummer H2 SUT, which he rates a perfect 10.

"I have issues. I am a true Gemini," Bodden laughs. "Everyone talks about the gas mileage, which is no worse than any other full-size SUV -- we all get 11 or 12 miles per gallon. People are like, 'Why don't you sell the Hummer?' Well, try to sell a Hummer today. The $15,000 I'll lose on trade-in will buy a lot of gas."

He recently drove it to Laughlin, Nevada, where he was headlining for a few days. "It rides really smooth. And I got a great deal on it, because even in 2006 GM couldn't give Hummers away, I walked in and they're like, 'Really, you're going to buy one?' So they gave me zero percent everything, so I'm happy."

Driving from Los Angeles to Laughlin took one tank of gas, and Bodden says he's in love with the Hummer. "Also, I can crush Priui [makes up his own word for Prius plural] because those little Prius drivers, they get cocky. You know a Hummer can run over a little Prius. And don't think I won't," he laughs.

When he is on the road headlining, there are many days spent waiting to entertain audiences at night, so the Hummer recently helped alleviate boredom. "I drove it off-road yesterday, because everyone says people buy Hummers and never drive them off-road. So I did. See? See? That's why I have Hummer," Bodden states. "There's a trail near the hotel, it's called Christmas Tree Trail and it goes up in the hills. I drove up and down that. I'm doing another one tomorrow that leads to some mountain creek in Arizona."

Bodden bought the Mini to transport him to the airport, since he flies almost every week for work. "It's good on gas and easy to park. I'll use the Hummer if I have to tow my motorcycles. If I go into Hollywood, L.A., or Orange County, I use the Mini."