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Hansie Boon
Hansie Boon

The 1902 Cadillac Runabout and Tonneau featured a 10hp single cylinder engine. For all the reasons mentioned in the article, I believe we eventually will see a return of singles, even in premium cars, not so far down the road. Only unobtainable cars like Bugattis and McClarens will have multi-cylinder engines.



These vibrations from the engine can become too much for the crankshaft to bear, causing it to fail. And when that happens, your car won't run and you'll be facing some expensive repairs.This is where the harmonic balancer comes in. The circular device, made of rubber and metal, is bolted at the front end of the crankshaft to help absorb vibrations. It's usually connected to the crank pulley, which drives accessories like the air conditioner. The rubberinside the pulley is what actually absorbs the vibrations and keeps them at a safe level. In essence, the device is designed to help prevent crankshaft failure. It's also sometimes called a "dampener.


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