We needed something that would hold up to the beatings we submit the Ford F-250 to daily, so the new bumper had to be stronger than an ox. We needed good winching points for when we camp out in the middle of nowhere (yes, we’ve gotten both truck and trailer stuck in the sand, up to the axles, on more occasions than we’d care to mention). The choice for us was obvious -- we really trust the crew at Fab Fours and they make some great bumpers, so we gave them a call and they recommended one of their new Premium Plate Bumpers. As an added bonus, the Fab Fours bumper came with integrated steps on either side, which will make getting in and out of our Six-Pack cab-over camper eons easier. So with the new bumper in hand, we headed down to Pick-Up Parts in Mission Viejo, California, for the install.

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