It’s unknown (to us at least) how many of us RVers tow a Jeep behind our motorhomes, but we’re sure it’s just got to be the majority. Seems just about every rig we see on the road that’s flat towing a vehicle is towing a Jeep. These little rigs are perfect for the task. They’re light, extremely easy to tow, can seat four people comfortably, and can go ANYWHERE! But one issue many Jeepers have had as of late is their recent lack of go power.

Banks Power has a fix for that. The company has recently finished a 50-state smog compliant turbo kit for the 4.0L-powered Wrangler (and as we found out -- hush hush, it’s still classified -- they’re working on a kit for the 3.8L JK as you read this). Banks is famous for delivering products that offer safe, economical, and smooth power. That’s exactly what its new Sidewinder turbo kit delivers.

We wanted to see just how this kit worked and how well it performed, so we headed down to Banks Power in Azusa, California, to test one out.

Banks Power
546 Duggan Avenue
CA  91702