2011 Mazda CX-9 Dimensions
Overall Length w/o License Plate Holder (in) 200.2
Overall Width (in) 76.2
Overall Height w/o Roof Rails w/245/60R 18 (in) 68.0 (AWD), 68.0 (FWD)
Overall Height w/o Roof Rails w/245/50R 20 (in) 68.0 (AWD), 68.0 (FWD)
Overhang Front w/o License Plate Holder (in) 42.4
Overhang Rear (in) 44.6
Wheelbase (in/mm) 113.2
Track Front (in) 65.1
Rear (in) 64.7
Approach Angle (degrees) 16.0 (AWD), 16.0 (FWD)
Departure Angle (degrees) 21.1 (AWD), 21.1 (FWD)
Curb-to-Curb Turning Circle (radius - ft) 18.7
Front Row w/o Moonroof (in) 39.6
Front Row w/Moonroof (in) 38.4
2nd Row w/o Moonroof (in) 39
2nd Row w/Moonroof (in) 39
3rd Row (in) 35.4
Front/2nd/3rd Row (in) 59.4/58.7/56.9
Hip Room
Front/2nd/3rd Row (in) 56.5/56/43.7
Leg Room
Front/2nd/3rd Row (in) 40.9/39.8/32.4
Hip Point Height
Rear knee clearance 2nd Row (in) 4.6
from Floor, Front Row (in) 13.8
from Ground Unladen, Front Row (in) 28.3
from Floor, 2nd Row (in) 12.6
from Ground Unladen, 2nd Row (in) 29.6
from Ground, 3rd Row (in) 11.1
from Ground Unladen, 3rd Row (in) 29.6
Tilt Range (in) 1.77
Telescopic Range (in) 2
Slide Range (in) 10.24
Lift Range (in) 2.17
Cargo Area Floor Height to Ground Unladen (in) 30.9
Cargo Area Tail Gate Opening Width (in) 47.3
Cargo Area Height from Floor to Roof (in) 34.8
Cargo Room Floor Height from Ground (in) 30.8
Cargo Room threshold Height from Ground (in) 31.3
Cargo Room Length w/2nd and 3rd seats upright (in) 19
Cargo Room Length w/3rd Seat folded (in) 48.9
Cargo Room Rear Tailgate Opening Height (in) 31.7
Cargo Room Rear Tailgate Opening Width (in) 47.3
Cargo Room Width at Floor (in) 58.5
Cargo Room Width between Rear Tire House (in) 46.1
Passenger Volume w/o Moonroof (cubic ft/L) 139.4
Passenger Volume w/Moonroof (cubic ft / L) 137.7
Cargo Volume 2nd and 3rd row seat upright (cubic ft) 17.2
Cargo Volume 3rd row seats folded (cubic ft ) 48.3
Cargo Volume 2nd and 3rd row seats folded (cubic ft ) 100.7
Engine Oil (U.S. quarts/L) 5.0 / 4.7
Engine Coolant (U.S. quarts/L) 14.1 (13.7 w/o tow prep) / 13.3 (12.9 w/o towprep)
Washer Fluid Tank (U.S. quarts/L) 4.8 / 4.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons/L) 20.1 / 76
Towing Capacity (lbs.) 2000 FWD, 3500 FWD with Towing Prep Package / 3500 AWD
Total Curb Weight w/AC (lbs) FWD=4,330/AWD = 4,546
Total Gross Vehicle Weight (lbs) FWD = 5,831/AWD = 5,997