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  • This Classic 1996 Ford F-350 Still Shines after 400,000 miles!

This Classic 1996 Ford F-350 Still Shines after 400,000 miles!

Scott Fosdick’s ’96 F-350 Amasses Major Miles with a 400hp 7.3L Power Stroke

Jason Sands
Nov 21, 2015
Photographers: Jason Sands
It’s hard to believe Scott Fosdick has put 407,642 miles on his ’96 Ford F-350. But, as an airplane mechanic, he travels great distances to service planes that carry many of us to and fro, and the OBS Ford is his chariot of choice. Way back in the late ’90s, while looking for a truck, Scott figured he would buy something practical, roomy, and reliable for all-purpose transportation. He definitely got those qualities and more when he plunked down the cash for the truck you’re seeing on these pages.
Photo 2/19   |   016 1996 Ford F 350 Rear
Scott kept the F-350 stock for the first two years he owned it. At the time, he lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and was a member of a local Power Stroke club. Even though diesel performance was still in its infancy, Scott saw how easy it was to modify diesel engines for more power, so he started tinkering.
The first item on the performance list was a set of injectors, since a bad batch of fuel took out the engine’s stock squirters. Scott had heard good things about Swamp’s Diesel Performance, so he picked up a set of the company’s 150/146 “Baby Swamp” single-shot injectors, along with a TS Performance six-position chip. The Swamp’s crew recommended better fuel support, so the lift pump from a ’99 Super Duty was added. The final modification to the fuel system was a Stealth SRP 1.1 high-pressure oil pump, which makes the most out of the upgraded injectors.
Photo 3/19   |   017 1996 Ford F 350 Rear Three Quarter
With the new injectors and tuning, the 7.3L’s stock turbocharger decided it didn't like the extra fuel and failed, leaving Scott stranded by the side of the road. He quickly found a replacement in the form of a Beans Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbo, which is a direct bolt-in unit. While a 66mm turbo might sound like overkill, it actually works quite well on the large, 7.3L V-8, and it keeps connecting rod–killing internal torque to a minimum. With the new turbo also came an intercooler (’96 Power Strokes were non-intercooled from the factory), as Scott and his friends fit the unit from a 6.0L behind the grille.
Between camping trips and work, Scott racks up the miles on his F-350. So, when he noticed transmission slippage at around 240,000 miles, Scott immediately set out to address the situation. Not wanting to do anything twice, he went with a fully rebuilt transmission from Brian's Truck Shop, which came complete with a triple-disc torque converter and recalibrated valvebody. Since its replacement many years ago, the transmission hasn’t skipped a beat.
Photo 4/19   |   018 1996 Ford F 350 Front
After 15 years of ownership, the reliable old Ford started looking a bit worse for wear. Salty roads had started to rust some of the body panels, and the paint was well worn. But, given how reliable his F-350 had been, Scott wasn't about to trade it in for a new truck. So, in 2013, the cab and bed were taken off the frame (with the help of Burger's Body Shop in Terre Haute, Indiana), and the truck's cosmetic resurrection began.
The entire frame was sandblasted, then prepped and painted with POR-15 products. And a new, rust-free bed was purchased and installed, along with new front fenders. With the body panels final-fitted, the entire truck was repainted White and Metallic Green.
Photo 5/19   |   019 1996 Ford F 350 Side
Two years since its rebuild, Scott's ’96 F-350 is still running strong. With dyno numbers of 418 hp and 690 lb-ft of torque, the OBS Ford more than gets out of its own way, which is especially impressive when you consider its extreme (for a 7.3L) output.
The last time we checked in with Scott, he told us his rig was about 7,000 miles into its “next 400,000” and he couldn't be happier about that.
Fast Facts:
Year/Make/Model: ’96 Ford F-350
Owner: Scott Fosdick
Hometown: Brazil, Indiana
Odometer: 407,642 miles
Engine: 7.3L Power Stroke V-8
Fuel: Swamp’s Diesel Performance Super Duty fuel system upgrade with 150/146 injectors, Stealth SRP 1.1 high-pressure oil pump, and a TS Performance six-position chip
Air: Beans Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbocharger, Ford 6.0L Power Stroke intercooler, and a Tymar Performance air filter
Exhaust: Diamond Eye 4-inch tubing and muffler
Transmission: Brian’s Truck Shop E4OD four-speed automatic with a triple-disc torque converter
Horsepower: 418 hp
Torque: 690 lb-ft
Axles: Stock Sterling 10.25 (front)/Dana 60 (rear) with drilled and slotted Summit front brake rotors
Tires: 35x12.50R18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2
Wheels: 18x10 Fuel Throttle
Fun Fact: The truck’s 7.3L engine still has its stock head gaskets, even after 400,000 miles!
Photo 6/19   |   002 1996 Ford F 350 Engine Bay
The 7.3L Power Stroke engine in Scott Fosdick's ’96 Ford F-350 is a testament to the reliability of the old powerplants. Furthermore, with 418 hp, this engine’s got quite a kick to it, even with 400,000 miles on the clock.
Photo 7/19   |   003 1996 Ford F 350 Air Filter
A simple open-element air filter from Tymar Performance directs air into the engine's upgraded turbocharger.
Photo 8/19   |   004 1996 Ford F 350 Painted Intake
When Scott revamped the truck’s exterior in 2013, he added a bit more style under the hood as well. The engine is painted with the same two-tone green and white as the body.
Photo 9/19   |   005 1996 Ford F 350 D66 Turbo
The 7.3L engine's Y-bridge is powdercoated white and receives its air from a Beans Diesel Performance Dominator 66 turbocharger. The turbo pushes 35 psi of boost into a 6.0L Ford intercooler.
Photo 10/19   |   006 1996 Ford F 350 Upgraded Fuel System
A lift pump from a diesel-powered '99 Ford Super Duty pickup raises the pressure considerably compared to the truck’s original fueling setup. The upgrade supports the engine’s increased horsepower and improves its reliability.
Photo 11/19   |   007 1996 Ford F 350 Front Suspension
The rig’s stance comes courtesy of a Rough Country 4-inch lift kit up front, with Pro Comp shocks providing additional travel and proper damping for the leaf-spring suspension.
Photo 12/19   |   008 1996 Ford F 350 Rear Suspension Wheels Tires Exhaust
Rough Country springs provide 4 inches of lift for the rear axle. The wheels on the truck are 18x10 Fuel Throttles, and the tires are 35x12.50R18 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2s. A Diamond Eye exhaust system runs all the way out to the rear.
Photo 13/19   |   009 1996 Ford F 350 Side Steps
A set of N-Fab Nerf Steps provides a little bit of relief for short passengers and runs the length of Scott's truck.
Photo 14/19   |   010 1996 Ford F 350 Ranch Hand Bumper Rear
Photo 15/19   |   011 1996 Ford F 350 Ranch Hand Bumper Front
To complement the steps and lift, Ranch Hand bumpers were added to the build list. The rear bumper incorporates a set of bright Cree LED lights that are activated when Scott backs the truck up. The front bumper is fairly aggressive and protects the original grille.
Photo 16/19   |   012 1996 Ford F 350 Grille And Intercooler
Hiding behind the paint-matched original grille is a Ford 6.0L Power Stroke intercooler, which is barely visible through the slats.
Photo 17/19   |   013 1996 Ford F 350 Gauges
Part of the long-lasting relationship Scott has with his truck involves constant monitoring of the engine’s vitals to make sure nothing is in the danger zone. A three-gauge A-pillar pod houses boost, pyrometer, and transmission temperature instruments from Auto Meter.
Photo 18/19   |   014 1996 Ford F 350 Restored Interior
The interior is upgraded with a Kenwood sound system and a DVD player to keep back seat passengers entertained.
Photo 19/19   |   015 1996 Ford F 350 Train Horns
Since Scott tows regularly, he installed a three-horn system from Real Train Horns beneath the F-350 to move traffic or warn others his heavyweight Ford is coming through.



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