Diesel Destinations

A Look at Travel

Mar 10, 2005
In the issues to come, Diesel Power will seek out those special areas, which seem to draw the diesel haulers, and those travelers with a yen for adventure. We welcome our readers' feedback to make this Miles Ahead department a real tool for the seasoned diesel traveler. What destinations would you like to see? What information will help you make your trip a success?
Follow us into the sunset (or sunrise) as we take you on the road to adventure, and we'll see what waits around the next bend.
Whether it be off-roading down a scenic byway in remote Utah, hauling a fifth-wheel trailer to a national park located off Highway 40, or cruising to the snow-topped summit of a mountainous highway, diesel trucks are uniquely outfitted to get drivers and passengers to any destination in style. With their abundance of horsepower and torque, sure-footedness, and go-anywhere attitude, diesel rigs are the vehicles of choice for plying the nation's highways, especially when towing that favorite trailer, fifth-wheel, or toy hauler.
In the coming issues, Diesel Power will take its readers to many of America's favorite spots-with a diesel perspective in mind. In the regularly scheduled department Miles Ahead, we will explore some of the popular, and not so popular, destinations for diesel-powered trucks, and the trailers they haul. Many of our readers haul 35-foot and longer trailers, and the combo of truck and trailer brings with it some unique requirements, problems, and comforts that many other travelers simply do not understand. For instance, will your particular campground of choice accommodate the length of your trailer? Does it have the required hookups and dump station that you need? Is the area easily accessible to your setup, or is it more remote, and not easily reached? Is your vacation spot within easy reach of other scenic areas and places of interest? Is diesel fuel readily available, and are propane and supplies within easy reach?
Traveling the nation's highways, especially during a vacation, can be one of life's great pleasures-or a real disaster, depending on how well you plan for the trip, your vehicle's ability to tackle the terrain, and the readiness of your trailer. Within this department, we'll share some of our favorite spots around the country, give tips on travel and traveling, and give some insight on some great products that will make your trip a real pleasure.



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