Staffers at Motor Trend are adept behind the wheel of virtually any vehicle found on the road. From small, maneuverable sports cars to massive trucks, we pride ourselves on our ability to wring maximum performance out of a platform. In our quest to command the largest machine we could get our hands on, the U.S. Navy granted us a rare opportunity to get a little seat time in its largest ship, an aircraft carrier.

Piloting 4.5-acres of ship, we were not looking to beat acceleration records, set slalom times, or measure a turning radius certain to rival the shoreline of a small island nation. Instead, we were seeking more of a "living" impression than "driving" impression.

Motor Trend was honored to travel on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) from San Diego, California, to its homeport of Everett, Washington, to experience the awesome machine and its talented crew in action. When it comes to heavy metal, it doesn't get more massive than this.