Getting Away

Land Rover adventures around the world

Sue Mead
Nov 8, 2002
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If your need for escape runs deep, Land Rover Adventures offer a thrilling assortment of off-road expeditions that will take you across Colorado's majestic Continental Divide or into the thick tropical Belize jungle. What makes these events unique is that at day's end, thrill seekers will place their weary heads on fluffy pillows in famous luxury resorts. For those who can afford it, there's nothing like it out there. For 2002, expeditions will take participants to Patagonia, Namibia, Colorado/ Utah, and Belize, with a number of additional locations planned for 2003. Most excursions run five to nine days and typically accommodate 16 guests, using 10 vehicles with a five-member support crew, including Land Rover driving instructors and mechanics, a guide and host, as well as medical support. The trips range in price from $2600 to $5200, excluding airfare.
Adventures in Great Britain include one-day Level I and II driving courses at the Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England, or the Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A "Mud and Guts" weekend endurance aimed at training field scientists and explorers in the artful skill of extricating vehicles from sandpits or mud holes includes R&R in a mansion with a leisure spa and golf course.
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Every kind of "Around the World" off-road fantasy, from the wind-sculpted dunes of the arid Namibia desert, where a journey along the Skeleton Coast, with its weathered shipwrecks and bleached whale bones, leads to well-appointed game lodges and hotels near Estosha National Park. For those who prefer snow-covered peaks over dust and dung, Land Rover offers a visit to the Winter Driving Technique Centre in Saalfelden, Austria. There, six days of learning how to navigate snowy, slippery roads are rewarded with a sport-and-leisure resort complete with heated pool and indoor tennis courts.
U.S. 4WD Schools
Land Rover Driving School at the Equinox
Historic Route 7A Manchester Village, VT 05254 800/362-4747 Equinox Web site shows $175 for the first hour plus $100 for each additional hour.
Land Rover Driving School at the Greenbrier
300 W. Main St., White Sulphur Springs, WV 24986; 800/453-4858 Greenbrier Web site shows $275 for a two-hour lesson plus $100 for each additional hour.
Land Rover Off-Road Driving Adventures and Special Events
Five- to nine-day expeditions, ranging in price from $2600 to $5200, excluding airfare. Off-road driving day- and weekend-long events in Great Britain, Austria, and the U.S.
Land Rover Adventures for 2002
· Patagonia-February
· "Landscapes of Africa," Namibia-April/September/October
· "Gulches & Ghost Towns," Colorado/Utah-July
· "Mysteries of the Maya," Belize-January 2003 UK Driving
School events for 2002 include: Days and weekends at Eastnor Castle; Weekends at Skibo Castle; Home of the Legend, a half-day tour of the Land Rover Solihull factory, lunch, and half day on the Jungle Track; Ultimate Challenge at Eastnor Castle. For further Information: U.S., 407/438-3844; U.K., 011/44-1908-352-352;
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