Ely, Nevada. The crossroads of U.S. Highways 50, 93, and 6, is the jumping-off point for Great Basin National Park, Cave Lake State Park, and numerous BLM and U.S. Forest Service campgrounds scattered throughout the region.

Originally part of the Utah territory, Nevada's eastern border was tweaked one degree eastward in 1866, and, a year later, a gold strike at Treasure Hill on Mt. Hamilton brought in greater numbers to form. White Pine County, carved from the Lander County in 1869.

A well-preserved short-line railroad draws visitors from all over the world to ride the "queens of steam" and diesel engines.

The Silver State is a Mecca for 4x4 enthusiasts, as well.

Photographer Boyd Jaynes and I were slated to chase our Toyota-powered race team on Day Two of the Nevada 1000. This means we were scheduled to show up at race pit stops to see if extra help was needed. But there was a talented group of mechanics and other race-team supporters at-the-ready, and it was understood that Jaynes and I were going to explore the region and test the brand-new TRD Tundra supercharged V-8 and show up at a few pit stops. A tough job, we concluded, but, hey, someone had to do it. After all, we were in the Ivan Stewart Edition of the TRD Tundra, and we knew how fast "Iron Man" Stewart is when it comes to racing. We figured the truck would see us through--and we were right.