Like most TRD Sport Parts, the supercharger is a bolt-on system without welding or cutting for assembly on the motor. The charger pairs an Eaton M90 assembly with an exclusive, fine-tuned TRD Engine Management System for optimal power and efficiency over the complete rpm range.

Taking a short break from the action on the trails, Jaynes and I tested the roadworthiness and the backcountry mettle of the newest TRD offering. What did we learn? First, it's fast and fun to drive. It's on-road handling is superb, with power that'll send you across the Silver State--or wherever you want to go--well above the legal range, but with all the steering, braking, and suspension control to keep you on the highway. Next, it's a quiet and comfortable 2WD package designed for paved and graded dirt roads, not 4x4 challenge. And it's fast!

At the end of the day, Jaynes and I had managed to do it all. We visited tourist attractions, gold towns, and pit stops. As I slid into the cockpit of the race-prepared Toyota Motorsports Class I and adjusted my helmet and five-point harness, I realized that sometimes in life you can have it all!--S.M.