Today, more than one hundred thousand 4WD enthusiasts, hailing from around the globe, have made the trek over the trail that changes every year as a result of heavy snowfall. Daimler Chrysler's Jeep division has pledged that every vehicle it produces is "Rubicon-ready," and nearly every modern-day manufacturer of SUVs and trucks has used this location to test its back-country models. Smith is now known in four-wheeling lore throughout the world, and he established Jeep Jamboree USA, a series of 4WD events in the U.S. and on the Rubicon that attracts thousands of participants each year.

Jeepers Jamboree, headquartered in Georgetown, is now a bustling business and an obvious boom to the local economy. For instance, it took 108 Jeep trailer loads to haul in non-perishable goods, while over 700 pounds of BBQ beef and 1128 pounds of pork loin were helicoptered in, along with other perishables for this year's Jeepers, who used 18,000 paper plates and 18,000 sets of plastic silverware during the two days of recuperation scheduled in the middle of the now four-day-long event. A name born in jest and the bright idea of some locals has gained fame throughout the world. TT