Tunes to Travel By
If you had to choose just a handful of music CDs to last you through the next three years, what would they be? Here's what Jim Rogers and Paige Parker settled on to provide the soundtrack to their Millennium Adventure:

Count Basie & His Orchestra: The Count Basie Collection
Patsy Cline: 12 Greatest Hits
Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson: Storytellers
Willie Nelson: Greatest Hits (And Some That Will Be)
Pretenders: The Singles
Sade: The Best of Sade
Grateful Dead: Hundred Year Hall
Bob Dylan: Best of Bob Dylan
James Taylor: Greatest Hits
Aretha Franklin: Greatest Hits
Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Hole: Celebrity Skin
Jerry Lee Lewis: Rockin' Up a Storm
New York Philharmonic: Beethoven's Symphony No. 9
New York Philharmonic: Symphony No. 41 in C major, K. 551
Berlin Philharmonic: Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Berlin Philharmonic: An Alpine Symphony, Op. 64; Concerto No. 1 for Horn & Orchestra, Op. 11; Mozart's Symphony No. 39 in E-flat major

Road Food
Whether you're traveling through the wide-open spaces of Siberia or the shifting sands of the Sahara, the one thing you can count on is having some, er, interesting dining options.

"We wanted to experience what life was like in these places so, for the most part, we ate what the local people eat," says Jim Rogers. "That meant eating some strange things including dog, horse, iguana, guinea pig, crocodile, porcupine, kangaroo, silk worms, termites, and grasshoppers. I drew the line at monkey, though, as it seemed a little too close to home."

Ironically, Parker came down with food poisoning several times on the trip, each time after having eaten dinner at a five-star restaurant. And even though there were several local delicacies she admits she couldn't quite bring herself to eat, she says dining like locals on their way around the globe was a high point of the adventure.

"There so many times where we'd been driving for 12 hours on these horrible roads and then arrive in a village with no restaurant," she recalls. "So we'd manage to find a woman who would fry us some chicken--a woman who just happened to have the only Marvin Gaye tape and cold beer in town--and those situations turned out to be some of the most memorable meals on the entire trip."