About the Vehicles
by Sue Mead

Land Rover's G4 Challenge featured the four Land Rover models: East coast U.S.: Freelander; South Africa: Defender; Australia: Range Rover; and west coast U.S.: Discovery. All vehicles were built to standard specifications, without added structural or mechanical refinements; however, the following equipment was added: Goodyear MT/R tires, roof racks, lamps, winches, GPS modules, first-aid kits, and other assorted expedition gear. All vehicles were painted Tangiers Orange.

Land Rover G4 Challenge
by Sue Mead

What is it?
Designed to be a test of initiative, strategic thinking, and team spirit, competitions require the multisport athletes to excel in driving, physical fitness, and sports. Events include 4x4 driving, running, kayaking, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, bungee jumping, rock climbing, abseiling, and navigating.

Why is it called G4?
The event is made up of four consecutive global stages, each in different time zones, consisting of approximately one week.

How many competitors were there and how were they selected?
For the 2003 competition, national selections for the U.S. and Canada were held in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, in December 2002. Two competitors were selected to attend further testing and training at Land Rover's Driving School at Eastnore Castle in England. There, 16 men and women from around the world were selected to compete in the 2003 G4 event. Second-place finishers are backups throughout the event.