Each campsite has a private pool (it's normally clean and empty, so you fill it when you arrive), a fireplace or grill, a table, sink, and sometimes a shady palapa. There are bathrooms with flush toilets, as well as outhouses. A small store at Campo I has a few supplies, but we were glad we'd brought everything we needed, including plenty of drinking water. The restaurant at the store has a poor reputation.

It was a Wednesday, so we had Campo I to ourselves. The steep driveway up to the San Marcos site was easier in 4WD low-range. After parking, we leveled the Dakota and popped up the top of the camper. We ordered a wheelbarrow-load of firewood from the store, and in less than an hour, our private tub was steaming and calling our names.

That night, a full moon was on the rise. We polished off some barbecued steaks, grabbed a couple of cold Coronas, and sank back into the warm water for one last relaxing soak before crawling into bed. The stars were amazing. A light breeze rustled the palm fronds overhead. This really is paradise.