Back on 93, we briefly stopped at Cathedral Gorge State Park. Similar to a miniature Grand Canyon, Cathedral Gorge is worth exploring, if you have the time. With the mysteries of the Gorge behind us, we continued south, jutting west on 375. We arrived in Rachel, a small town with a few mobile homes and a famous restaurant/bar/motel known as Little A'Le'Inn. Named for its proximity to the famed Area 51 test site, the Little A'Le'Inn is a great spot for a rest, food, and a trip into Weirdsville. Mysterious images of flying saucers and experimental military planes and tons of souvenirs litter its walls and shelves.

Care should be taken traveling the 375 as it's open-range territory--the cows are free to wander onto the highway.

A trip through Lincoln County, Nevada, proves that the ghosts of the Old West are still alive and kicking.

Getting There
From Las Vegas: Take Interstate 15 north to Highway 93. Exit Spring Street.

Be Advised
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