Tim led us to one of his favorite mountain-bike trails just outside the historic mining town of Weaverville. Our two Scott mountain bikes came off the rack, and we spent the morning exploring miles of sweet single-track with dramatic views of snow-covered Mount Shasta, Lassen Peak, and the Trinity Alps.

Having worked up a good sweat, we loaded up the bikes and headed for nearby Lewiston Lake at the edge of the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area. There, we wanted to see if we could tempt any trout with Harris's pheasant-tail nymph flies. After a few hours working out the kinks in our technique, we'd managed to reel in and release a couple of nice rainbows.

With a monstrous appetite urging us on, we headed back to our four-wheel-drive studio apartment where the kitchen yielded salmon filets with ginger sauce, wild rice, and steamed asparagus washed down with a bottle of excellent wine.

On the Road Again
We logged nearly 3000 miles in those two weeks, and through it all our Ultimate Adventure Vehicle proved an ideal traveling companion. With its combination of moderate ride and handling, respectable fuel economy, serious off-road capability, and numerous creature comforts, the van allowed us to get away from it all in style. Our only regret is that we're not still out on the road--but we're always ready to set out at a moment's notice for all those places on the map where the road ends and fun begins.