The wide, raked windshield and the dropped nose of the Icon also offer excellent visibility, a welcome asset in rush-hour traffic in Phoenix. And that is a key feature of the Icon—it drives small. We had no problem getting it in and out of anywhere. With large heated mirrors and a backup camera, maneuvering was a question of patience, not sweat. On any given day, we were in and out of our campsite several times, whether to pick up groceries, see the sights, or go to dinner. The Icon went everywhere and it fit wherever. This fact alone may well convince some potential buyers who currently run a larger RV and tow a car to downsize and simplify their travels.

The compact galley offers an Apollo half-time convection oven, which also functions as a microwave. The three-burner cooktop is just below, directly across the aisle from the three-way refrigerator/freezer. The Corian countertop space is limited, but can be expanded by popping in the oval sink cover. The single gooseneck faucet also swivels out of the way when not in use. Having a window right at the counter is a bright touch.

For a small unit, bedding down is still a question of choice. The overhead 49x74-inch bunk will sleep two, as will the fold-down dinette and the rear 52x72-inch pedestal bed. There’s sleeping for six in all, though most often two would be normal (or two adults with kids). There is a ladder for the bunk, but most grownups will opt for the dinette, which has a fold-down mechanism that can be released with one hand. This setup also does away with the support leg that is so much fun to bash an ankle against. The one downside to the tight fit of the rear bed is it requires crawling in and rolling out.

The exterior storage is a pass-through design with the center section being quite narrow. The total storage is 45 cubic feet while the interior storage is actually more like 49. The bulk of this is under the dinette seats and under the lift portion of the pedestal bed. But in addition there are multiple small spaces to stash items. Two of us had ample space for all the items we brought for the 10-day trip.

The Icon is small, but its clever package design makes excellent use of the floor space. With plenty of room for two, a small family could easily use this RV for a vacation. And the Sprinter platform makes it easy to drive around town and park, plus the diesel engine offers impressive fuel economy. For those who want to go RVing but don’t have the space for a Class A motorhome, this is one worth considering.

2009 Fleetwood Icon*
ChassisDodge Sprinter
Engine3.0L/154-hp/280-lb-ft turbodiesel DOHC V-6
Transmission5-speed automatic
Fuel capacity26.4 gal
Wheelbase170.0 in
GVWR11,030 lb
GCWR14,530 lb
Towing capacity3500 lb
Length25.2 ft
Height (with A/C)11.3 ft
Width7.6 ft
Interior height80.0 in
Interior width88.0 in
Fresh water29.0 gal
Gray water33.0 gal
Black water33.0 gal
Water heater6.0 gal
Propane81.4 lb
Base price$97,566
*No changes are planned for 2010.

Fleetwood RV
PO. Box 1007
IN  46733