You can stay in the lodge or in one of the private cabins, which are appointed with every convenience you would find at the Ritz. Tours of the mountaintop are offered and you can go horseback riding in the morning and afternoon. However, we had come for something else that's unique and available to guests of the Tavaputs Ranch. It's the opportunity to be guided by the Jensens on a full-day excursion down into Range Creek canyon where you are literally transported back in time a thousand years.

Each summer, the Jensens, who own the Tavaputs Ranch, move their cattle from the desert range below up thousands of feet above to the thick rich mountain grasses that carpet the top of the plateau. While summering their cattle here, the Jensens open up their lodge to guests who come from around the world to enjoy a true Western experience and an ultimate getaway.

Most everyone has heard of Mesa Verde or Chaco Canyon or one of the many other ancient ruins that lace the West, where people indigenous to North America once lived, but Range Creek is different from these for one very specific reason. It was discovered only about five years ago and today is one of the hottest ancient civilization sites anywhere, attracting people from around the world.