You can take an excellent round trip from Mt. Trumbull School to Mt. Dellenbaugh, about 30 miles due west, but nearly a full day's drive (150 miles). This full day also includes time to climb Mt. Dellenbaugh (just under 7000 feet high). It's the perfect climb, about an hour each way, for those who are in reasonable shape. However, for the last 100 yards you have to scramble over a steep field of volcanic boulders to reach the top. There is a geo-cache at the summit where you can make an entry in the visitor's log and read the notes of those who have preceded you.

Directions in the log tell you how to find the name Dunn, which was etched into the surface of rock when William Dunn and two others hiked out of the Grand Canyon after deserting John Wesley Powell's Colorado River expedition in 1869. The three men elected to leave Powell and climb out through what is known today as Separation Canyon, named for their departure, for they thought Powell and his group of river explorers were doomed to perish in the rapids of the Colorado. However, a week later Powell and his men safely completed the journey, after spending seven months on this historic float trip. Dunn and the other two men were killed by Piute Indians just a few miles from the summit of Mt. Dellenbaugh. From atop Dellenbaugh, the 360-degree view is spectacular, a huge, open landscape where in all directions the canyons, mountains, and grasslands seem to go on forever.

From the Bar 10 Ranch, it's a 3.5-hour drive east over Mt. Logan and Mt. Trumbel to the National Park Ranger Station at Tuweap and ultimately to the precipice known as the Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook. You really have to want to get here, for the road/trail gets progressively more challenging as you work your way over the last 13 miles to the Canyon's edge. Just to make sure we didn't lose a tire (shards of rock cover the road), we went very slowly. The last few miles took us over two hours, but the reward at the end of the trail is like none other.

From the edge of the rim at Toroweap Overlook you can look straight down (3000 feet) into the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below. Toroweap has a dozen excellent primitive campsites, and we came prepared to spend the night around a campfire. The only sound out here is that of the wind as it breaks up and over the edge of the rim and bursts above your head.