Nothing in the cab area indicates you're not driving a normal full-size van, aside from the fact that there's much more front glass area than in any full-size pickup or large SUV. All the gauges and center dash layout are well constructed and thought out, with A/C controls, nav system, and transmission shifter within easy reach. Our Via 25Q came equipped with an optional driver-side sliding door (not inexpensive at $1400, but worth every penny), which made for easy access and convenience, especially when pulling into fuel stations for fill-ups. Likewise, the more aerodynamic shape of the vehicle, clearly designed to help with fuel economy, is also an attention-getter, as we discussed the Via's visual assets with just about everyone who was fueling up at the same time.

Inside the living area of the Via, there is plenty of headroom with 6.5 feet of clearance. In addition, our model's layout offered two separate slideouts (one in the front living area, the other in the bedroom) that practically double the interior volume. The couch and bed area slide out less than 2 feet, but the extra interior room it provides is impressive, especially with more than two people inside. Other amenities include a queen-size bed, full bathroom with shower, a two-burner stove, a long and large refrigerator with freezer, and two LCD TVs (one in the bedroom, one in the living room).

We especially like the European-style cabinetry and furniture design, which no doubt explains the premium pricing (more details below). Of special note, the Via's front seats have the capability to raise and lower and swivel 180 degrees for lounge-chair seating in the motorhome, as well as comfortable driver and passenger seating during the trip. But if you don't get the seats perfectly reset into their proper position, the engine will not start without the blasting of a hugely annoying alarm bell that won't stop until you fix the positioning.

During our snow camping excursion in the eastern Sierras, our 20,000-BTU furnace (and thermostat) kept us cozy each night as temperatures dipped into the low 20s, while our electrically blanketed water tank also stayed warm. Our 25Q also had a 3200-watt Cummins Onan diesel generator to keep power going while parked at the main lodge of the local ski area.