If you haven't had the chance to go off-roading, you should. Regardless of whether you go through woody trails, desert dunes, or muddy bogs, it's a memorable experience that's a blast to share with friends, family or like-minded club members. Although it's nearly impossible to give an exhaustive list of every off-road destination in North America, we picked out our top 10 to check out this summer along with information that will help you plan your trip.

Rubicon Trail, California

Location: Northern California
Coordinates: N 38.9249 and W -120.78965 (Georgetown Ranger Station)
Average Temperatures (F): June - High: 82 Low: 55; July - High: 90 Low: 61; August - High: 91 Low: 61
Closest Towns: Georgetown, Placerville, Coloma
Permits Required: U.S. Forest Service Camp Fire, Green or Red State Use Sticker for non street-legal vehicles.

As strange as it may sound for what's considered one of the most challenging off-road courses in the North America, or even the world, the Rubicon Trail is technically part of a county road in El Dorado County, California. A rather poorly-maintained section of one, but that makes it all the more attractive to those seeking off-road challenge and adventure. The trail is closed to the public in late July and early August for the Jeepers Jamboree and the officially-sponsored Jeep Jamboree. The Rubithon, an off-road event sponsored by the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, also usually takes place in late June. Be forewarned, this is not a simple day trip. Running the entire length of the trail is generally a four-day outing and recently-implemented rules require that you camp no further than 50 feet from the designated trail. It's not recommended that you tackle the Rubicon solo or with an inexperienced partner.

Useful Links:
www.rubicon-trail.com - Useful resource page compiled and maintained by Harald Pietschmann with downloadable coordinates, tips, and nearby accommodations.
www.jeepjamboreeusa.com - Official website of the Jeep Jamboree, one of the signature events to take place on the trail.
www.placerville.info - Placerville area informational page, including towns of Georgetown, Placerville and Coloma.
www.fs.usda.gov/eldorado - Eldorado National Forest homepage. Good informational page on area conditions near trail.

Moab, Utah

Location: Southeastern Utah
Coordinates: 38.700024, -109.709694 (Seven Mile Rim)
Average Temperatures (F): June - High: 93 Low: 58; July - High: 99 Low: 64; August - High: 96 Low: 63
Closest Towns: Moab; Grand Junction, CO
Permits Required: State Resident or Non-Resident OHV Permit, BLM Permit for Organized Groups

Moab is among one of the most iconic and well-known off-roading destinations in the United States. The otherworldly terrain is truly breathtaking and is enjoyed by off-roaders, mountain bikers, hikers, and rafters. Competition between these different factions for use and preservation has resulted in some controversy in recent years, with some trails fully or partially closed or limited to off-road vehicles. Despite that, there's still plenty of terrain for anything from stock 4x4 vehicles to heavily modified off-road rigs. If you don't have your own trail-worthy truck or SUV, there are guided trail tours and Jeep rentals in the area.

Useful Links:
stateparks.utah.gov/ohv - Utah State Parks OHV home pages. Information and downloadable applications for use permits.
www.discovermoab.com - Official tourism information site for city of Moab. Information on area services, accommodations, attractions, etc.
www.utah.com/offroad/moab_trail_ratings.htm - Trail ratings for some of the most popular trails in Moab, courtesy of the local Red Rock 4 Wheelers Club. Probably a wise read before subjecting your daily driver to the rigors of wild red rock.

Johnson Valley, California

Location: Southern California
Coordinates: N34 27.800 W116 53.002 (Pickaninny Buttes)
Average Temperatures (F): June - High: 91 Low: 56; July - High: 96 Low: 64; August - High: 94 Low: 63
Closest Towns: Lucerne Valley, Yucca Valley, Twentynine Palms, Palm Springs
Permits Required: Current vehicle registration or California OHV registration tag ("green sticker")

Home to the legendary "King of the Hammers" off-road competition, Johnson Valley is one of Southern California's premiere off-road destinations. However, a planned expansion of the nearby Twentynine Palms Marine base threatens use of the area by off-road enthusiasts. Although the two sides are in discussions to reach a compromise that would allow off-road enthusiasts use of the area for 10 months out of the year, the expansion could dramatically reduce the amount of recreational area available. San Bernardino County supervisors are suggesting an eastward expansion to the base, which would have a minimal impact on the recreational area and a recently-passed amendment to a Marine Corps land acquisition bill championed by congressman Roscoe Bartlett requires the Corps to present evidence that they need the land for training purposes. Although the fight is far from over, this is an encouraging development for off-road enthusiasts and fans of this famous destination.

Useful Links:
www.ohvguide.com/maps/johnsonvalleygps.htm - GPS coordinates for popular Johnson Valley trails and landmarks.
www.visit29.org - Visitor informational page for Twentynine Palms area. Information on hotels and accommodations.
www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/barstow/johnson.html - Bureau of Land Management's Johnson Valley information page.

Mojave National Preserve, California

Location: Southern California
Coordinates: N35.04272, W-116.3095 (Afton Canyon)
Average Temperatures (F): June - High: 98 Low: 59; July - High: 104 Low: 73; August - High: 103 Low: 72
Closest Towns: Newberry Springs, Barstow, Bullhead City, NV
Permits Required: Recreational permit for groups of seven or more vehicles or 15 people

The Mojave National Preserve is the third-largest national park in the country at 16 million acres. The main visitor center is the Kelso Depot, which houses a restaurant, exhibits, restrooms, picnic area and information counter. The two other information centers for the park are the Hole-in-the-Wall and Barstow Information Centers. The preserve has a number of historic and interesting trails and landmarks, including Afton Canyon, Cedar Canyon, Fort Piute and Rock Spring. Camping areas are at Hole-in-the-Wall and Mid Hills, and have pit toilets, trash receptacles, potable water, fire rings, and picnic tables. Dump station facilities are available at Hole-in-the-Wall but not Mid Hills.

Useful Links:
www.nps.gov/moja/index.htm - Official National Park Service page for the Mojave National Preserve.
www.barstowchamber.com - Official Web site for the Barstow chamber of commerce. Information on hotels and area attractions.
www.us-parks.com/mojave-national-preserve/lodging.html - Informational site with information on nearby lodging to the Mojave National Preserve Area

Superlift ORV, Arkansas

Location: Central Arkansas
Coordinates: N/A
Average Temperatures (F): June - High: 88 Low: 67; July - High: 93 Low: 71; August - High: 93 Low: 70
Closest Towns: Hot Springs, Malvern
Permits Required: $30 Daily Use Fee for Trucks/SUVs, $15 for ATVs and Motorcycles. Annual and family memberships available.

Superlift ORV Park is the only privately-owned off-road park on this list and although its not as open or expansive as some of the other destinations on this list, it is a fun destination for families and off-road enthusiasts in the southeast. Use permits are a little higher than some of the state and national parks., but thanks to sponsorship by off-road companies, the park features amenities like cabins, RV and tent camping areas, a bath house, and even a crawling course for RC cars! The park is closed December 21-28 for the Christmas holiday and keeps a busy schedule the rest of the year with numerous clubs utilizing the park for trail rides.

Useful Links:

(Photos by Sue Mead)