Despite all the bad news the RV world has had to endure, here's some good news that has come out of the RV camp. More than 44,000 people attended the Florida RV Super Show, and 35,000 visited the Utah RV Show. The Maryland RV Show saw 30,000 people, and attendance at the Flint Camper & RV Show was up 25%.

Not only is foot traffic up, but more people are buying RVs nowadays as well. According to Charlie Wolf, sales manager for Beckley's Camping Center, sales are up 20% compared to the pervious year's Maryland RV show. Tim DeWitt, executive director of the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds, says the current economic climate makes it a buyer's market, due to discount-heavy dealers.

There are multiple advantages to owning an RV and being part of the RV world. A 2008 travel-cost comparison study by PKF Consulting stated that family RV trips are 27% to 61% less expensive compared to other vacations, even when factoring in RV ownership and operating costs. Under the new federal stimulus plan, there can be a deduction of sales tax on the first $49,500 of a new RV purchase, provided buyers meet income requirements. Most RV loans' interest is tax-deductible as well, similar to mortgages.

Source: PR Newswire