Drummond Island has been honored by BFGoodrich Tires as one of the 2010 Outstanding Trails.

The tire company provided a $4000 grant to the Drummond Island off-Road club president to help maintain the scenic off-road trail system.

Of course, a scenic route wasn't the only guideline for selecting Drummond Island. The challenge of the 117 miles of trails played a part, too. A variety of riding opportunities are available and, perhaps as a bonus, many island trails were carved by Lake Huron and the last ice age.

"[Drummond Island is] one of the finest trail systems in the Northeast United States," said Joe Mazur, light truck brand manager for BFGoodrich Tires. "We're honored to join with the Drummond Island Off-Road club to help in the conservation efforts for this amazing off-road trail system, and are extremely proud of the work that this club does year-round to keep this trail open for use."

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